Everyday Chase

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Author Hawkk
Tags author:hawkk playable rated survival
Created 2007-01-10
Last Modified 2007-01-10
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description The N Factor:

Scoring system:

Your points = Frames x 2
AGD = Your points x 3

I'll look at your demo and count points (every day).

Best scorer in five days (monday) will receive a dedication.

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I am bit late but, dedication for Icareane is under working.


I'm stuck in Mother Thwumping too ;)

Thanks for comments

IndianSummer 933 x 3 = 2799
848 x 3 = 2544

Icereane 1306 x 3 = 3918


tried for 5 minutes again...
@ Icareane : "And I have played through all episodes"
O.0 I'm still stuck at Motherfu***ng Imposible :(
Demo Data
A great map really! The best and funniest survival I have ever played. 4.5/5 since the aesthetics weren't so great. This level had me playing for 30 minutes, and that's long in my case.

I got a longer replay first, but I didn't know how to record it properly >.< And I have played through all episodes =D
Demo Data

I <3 this map !

Feels like Dodgeball ! :D
Demo Data