Octagons as Squares in Squares

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Author Korbachev
Tags author:korbachev playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-02-16
by 6 people.
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Description From my map pack I never released because it's not done called "cliffhanger"

Just to show you that I still make maps. And an all gold demo is included with this

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check out what i did with the rest of the map, i tried to use your advice and put a spin on it by using the "5" bloks tell me what you think
Hit me back, Nobyl


i saw your commentary on my map storkv1.3 and saw that your opinion is really respected, i would be honored to see whatt you think of my new map, i cant figure out what to do with the remaining space, so id be glad to take any advice sick map by the way
Peace Nobyl


Almost made it the way I wanted to.
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Well sorta...

If you can jump on that last block really quick... you just might.

I used a variation on what you did to get a faster time :)
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hahhahahah I wish.
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Very nice puzzle. It will be interesting to see the different paths people find... and whos is fastest :)
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All gold demo.

Not too hard of a map.
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