By Fire and Sword

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Author firestorm
Tags action author:firestorm playable unrated
Created 2005-05-19
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Description Anyone here ever played Marathon? It's a great game (and about 10 years old now...) This level is supposed to represent the last level, Ingue Ferroque, which was supposed to be latin for by fire and sword (hence my level's name)

It's really really hard, but I've completed it in bits. (I got to the mine area, slipped, and blew up, but I have completed the mine area seperately.) If I get too many people complaining about it being far too hard, I'll make it easier.

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A bit too hard, but fun nonetheless.
3 people have voted so far, with no comments. Even an 'are you absolutely crazy' or something like that would be preferred to nothing
here's a demo of how to get to the final ring area. It's kinda the hardest part.
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