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Author Gothic_hippy
Tags author:gothic_hippy bitesized rated tileset
Created 2007-05-12
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description One of my personal favorites-
Bonus points to anyone who can guess what this is.

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two bowling balls running away from a nuclear explosion?


He'd be the king. In fact, he probably is :D

Just 3rd :)

Due to ATOB flyin.

very good.

but i will contest that you are not the king of tiles. your tiles are very good in an intricate way- but (after looking at your ten newest maps) you have yet to mask the art of "simple" tilesets. the only tileset in that genre of your is "the week willed". Good examples of the more minimalistic use of tiles would be: :: "dog." by topolord :: "like lusus naturae" by Hoozy :: "your mind on drugs" by VV33 (this map is the weekest example only because it is a self reference)

and many other tilesets, notable authors are b_t, evil_bob, LV, Zorn, and (imo) topolord.

since your tilesets so far have been very very good, and as seen on the comments on this map you seen to have master the style of intricacy, try your hand at minimalism, cubism (what i use to describe hoozy), and ablstractism.


The style is worn, but it is well done.
Just fantasic. All of them are.
I love it much. 5aved.





you have improved much since you first graced us with your presence. But you should do something else now that you have mastered the tileset.
I am not a worshipper


you deserve it!!!!
((Hint) Zappa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bitch!!!!!!!!)

Numero 2, baby

Never even thought Id be in the top 20... Check this out..

i would have said


I join

your fan club!!!!!
everything I post makes Sense


haha, I have a fan club..


Awesome. I would have never guessed. Well, that's not entirely true, seeing as I got some right! :P

Really nice tileset, Gothic_Hippy. I think you are the best Nart and Tileset maker ever. You are awesome! ;)

hellz yea.



The hubble telescope protruding throuh the negative discharge death-ray
ergo I started typing circa second post LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |\/|
IM CRAZY!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!eleven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one (o_0)
((Hint) douglas Mcaurther bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (><)
BUNNY IN BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


chad hit the nail on the head.
in short, El ego. Yes, thats right. Its your ego, which has been cut in half by the paradigm of the shear horror of it seeing it self in a tileset form.

Bonus points to chad and why_me.


a Cheese induced purple portrayal of craggy slivering embryos from the muffin mans internal monster on cocaine only heleotrope with seventeen minute violin conchertos in D minor with an ogmented tonic forming the diablo de musico as the only sausage in and throughout the muffin mans paradoxial oval which is a paradox containg several arachnial absencess of cheese from with this paradox was induced only the second loop only vacant because of the purpe later formed on green formica with perfectly peeled oranges from which the muffin man created the paradox from itself, the purple potatos vomited with peace and Peter H. s bad influince within the genius of his insanity to the referance to literature and because of the Woman King Musical again, the self typing computer bring my LOST soul to life and the poetry riddle be, whomever understands the muffin mans briiliance, his divine perfection and the formica get ded with BRILLIANT TILEZORZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really dont think you guys are going to guess it...