hurry hurry hurrry

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Author muerte
Tags action author:muerte playable unrated
Created 2007-06-04
Last Modified 2008-08-01
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Description Instructable tutorial map

The tutorial can be found here: -click- []


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nice tute.

mare/raigan. (I'm guessing Mare based on the article)

The tutorial

helped make me make my maps how they are today. Great job, metanet.

How odd

It was made a year ago, and I just saw the Instructable for the first time to find... It was modified only two hours ago.


this should be a very good level? Of course, when you believe what's said in the tutorial. But it was very easy and...okay, it wasn't so bad.
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good tutorial

map is too easy

very nice tutorial.

very useful, easy to read, and helpful.
I mean, there's, like, 400-some of their maps in that darling game you play.


Nice flow.
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