An Octopus Laying and Fertilizing Its Eggs Simultaneously

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action author:rocket_thumped cubism featured medium playable rated rockets vent
Created 2007-07-25
Last Modified 2007-07-25
by 33 people.
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Description Hi, I am infinitum. This is my first map. I am both rocket_thumped's brother and self. We are conjoined twins. Play my map please.

This map was featured on 2009-10-08

SEX: M & F
BORN: 25 JULY 2007
This is a very dangerous creature. It shoots heat-seaking ink missiles and its eggs are explosive. Some glands produce an anti-aging product which you may harvest at your own risk. You must be this tall to enter:

--- — origami_alligator

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hi infinitum.

can be faster, I just wanted to be ahead of ska ;]
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good work infinitum
:) 5aved
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...Like your Mum.
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my favorite part of the review is the useless space.
Map's nice, plays pretty well, my demo's kind of bad though, but at least it's over 1000 frames faster then romaniac ;]
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At first I thought something had gone horribly wrong with the homepage. Then I scrolled down and was like, "Oh! Ha ha." And then I thought a moment, and was like, "Wait, what the hell?". And then I realized that this is NUMA, and such things are to be expected.

elitists are funny

beary funny


im confused at the oddness of the map and the feature =P
'Tis true.
is vast for Blackson.
this funny, a larger part of me thinks it's immature :/


this was a vent map.

It's cool.


and i think i'm overqualified, my penis is twice as tall as the required limit

here's a demo, and i actually loved this map, great feature, and a 5 to the map
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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, brilliant.

This is all badass. 5aved.


This is truly a scary insight into your mind
Is probably the most retarded thing I've ever read looked at.

This whole thing...

Is extremely odd. I like the map description, but I can't say I enjoyed the Feature taking up the entire Home page.


much fun to speedrun this :]


what the hell?

Finally a good feature. Thanks Alligator


:p I like how the tileset worked with you and not against you. 4/5 I didn't like the lp on the way back, though. That ruined the thing many times.
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i'm playing this with my sexual organs
poor southpaw with his inferior penis <3
I'm using my sexual organs to type these comments

I can't play this. I'm using my iPod touch to type all of these comments
It got you here. Play the map and learn what it's like yourself.

That review was awesome. How does it describe nothing about the level? Go and read it again Teraza.

Nice spam review

Describes noThing about the level

Best review yet

<3 Southie

Fastest demo

First demo also. That was fun! I guess I didn't feel like putting in the time to actually make a AGD. Favorited. 5/5
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This is certainatly not your first map... what about the 230 maps before it?

hello stranger



what no you r not.


Jerrod, you're an odd man. Truly odd.