The River's Last Stomp

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured playable rated
Created 2007-08-08
Last Modified 2007-08-08
by 21 people.
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Description It's my Changing Enemies Competition entry.

"I love just jumping around in it."

This map was featured on 2011-09-09

I've never quite known what to say about this place.
It's like leaping from one falling leaf to another, a snapshot of a blustery autumn day, the feeling of floating from one small satellite to another, drifting through the nothingness.
It feels akin to taking that leap of faith as you plunge into the unknown, only to rise from the riverbed to leap from the tallest rock you can find. Try hiding from friends who are playing hide-and-go-seek, you're the last one left after all. Explore every nook. It's your last stomp before the eternal summer fades to grey. — O_origami_alligatO_or

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I have

a nostalgia remembrance of this map. I always seem to have those memories with your maps, and it just adds so much more value to playing them. Also, beautiful review, southpaw.
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Who cares if this was intentional or not? Ask yahoozy. Maybe he'll remember his motivations! :/ A good map is a good map, damnit.


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I think that it is perfectly possibly that this map was constructed by chance. I don't have many other maps where I just like to enjoy the mechanics of the map without ever actually feeling like it is necessary to reach the exit.

So what if it's by Yahoozy? I played this when I first joined NUMA with no idea who Yahoozy was. Except that he was a cock to me when I first got on IRC. Not as bad as Trogdor007 though. Fuck that guy.
Except that Cerby map is way better.

It's fun, yeah

I just feel like there are a lot of freeform maps by a lot of people that do what this does--this is a ninja game. Ninjas do this kind of stuff.

tell ya what, I'm going to take a few tiles, copypaste them into a full tileset semi-arbitrarily, add some gausses, and see if it's as fun as this. No disrespect/sarcasm intended. I'm genuinely curious if this is fun because the tile/object placement was meticulous and the jumps were all planned or if this is fun because N is built to accommodate this kind of gameplay.

I dunno guys.

I just love jumping around in this map. I don't even like getting the ninja to the exit. It's more about seeing how long I can dodge the gauss turrets while taking every crazy unpredictable move I can and perp jumping around in the wide open space.

AGD. Brilliant beginning sequence.
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Oh, wow,

hadn't noticed that it's 9/11.
Well, thank you Origami Alligator for the awareness!
If there's some hidden alchemy to the placements of these blocks floating in space and to the positioning of the gausses that enables free running in this map to be particularly better than free running in any other map

I ain't getting it

it seems as if

the fact that the author is yahoozy somehow makes the map "better" or more "original". this is nothing special. it's a bunch of gausses and a copy-pasted shape.
That was one of my favorites.


yeah love this map !
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I can't stay mad at you. I'll have another chance anyway. Want to make that map a collab? <3
it's the 9th of September, 2011. It'll never be the 9th again.

Sorry you're disappointed squibbles. I'll make a map and use the queue as much as I can from now on.


Make a map!
when you said you were taking my day to review, the reason I didn't dissent was because I assumed you wanted to do something special, that could only be done on this day (aside from the fact your new profile has no maps on which I can leave a message). I'm disappointed this is not the case. I actually did have something planned, and now I have to wait until it's apt again.

I don't see why you couldn't just use the queue like everyone else. This was incredibly disrespectful to both me, for obvious reasons, and the rest of us reviewers who work to keep things running smoothly by adhering to a schedule. By appearing and deciding that today was your day, regardless of who disagreed (and while I am somewhat annoyed there was no avenue to vocalise my objection, I'll not blame you for that. I assume you didn't make the new account just to do things without people being able to contact you. You're above that), you undermined the effort that the rest of us take to maintain the queue - I'm sure you can see why why this is frustrating.

Eh, I know I'm venting here, but I just wanted to express how I was feeling. Mmm.


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Tileset lacks imagination though. Slow AGD.
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Fuck off, paws.

But this is fantastic. A bit short, but great for highscoring.
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by far

one of the best maps on NUMA I have ever played.


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still fun

even after all this time. Going through my favourites list just now I noticed this and it's still as good as when I first played it. :)

Much faster.

Tileset: 2/5. Not much to it.
Fun: 7/10. It was nice to run around in.
Enemy Use: 8/10. They work perfectly for this type of level.

Total: 17/25.
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what does

"changing enemies" mean?


I dig.

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It's cool.

i love...

your gold placement and the ability for the most awesome of jumps. great job, 4aved.

*I've just added 3 maps to my favorites. I guess I'm feeling generous...*

My my.

There's so much fun to be had just running around in this map. Excellent.