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Avatar by BluePretzel :)

I dont map anymore. seeya around numa.

Hi im new to NUMA
I joined because Blue Pretzel [] showed me how fun this could be (he let me play comment and rate some maps)

Im no good at tilesets, so i think ill focus on adding objects to tilests and i would love to do a collab.
If anyone wants to do a collab with me, than please ask! I would prefer that you make the tiles (and maybe some basic objects), but whatever is fine :)
also, ill be running a series 'red base'

The shades of Red []
More RED []

:: Collabs ::

The Sky and the Sea (Part 1) [] with sayko []
The Sky and the Sea (Part 2) [] with sayko []
Burning Columns [] with BluePretzel

:: Ded maps ::

Reasoning [] for Mongy, and others (also part collab)

Please check out some of my maps!

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