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Thank you, thank you because they say I'm from Colombia, I had this game on a website, was in that page in the game is version 1.2 could be edited but it was a horror.
I liked to watch while the logo appears a Game and M (AnoNet) and then I gave it click with the mouse there, then I appeared a few things but there aparecia Downloads and I said Wow! look to have it there and that I download the game N-Game Software Macromedia Flash Player and then I played and came 90 episodes! I said that fun compared to 90 episodes of V.1.2 that it came with 30 episodes because I surprised and then know the Official Web Page of The Numa Files Maps Official Numa I admire and begin to climb Maps!.

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Power Rocket Bakwerts Survival. Tower of Thwump The Spiral Incognit Surprise!