The Spiral Incognit

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Author juancamilo_incognito
Tags ability action author:juancamilo_incognito fun rated run-crazy
Created 2008-12-26
Last Modified 2008-12-26
by 9 people.
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Description splend...

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yo practico un pocquito espanol todos los dias :P

I'm not entirely convinced that you are multiaccounting, but it does seem odd that someone who I've never heard of before has a few rated maps with upwards of 7 or so votes.

I'll be keeping an eye on you. If I suspect you are multiaccounting you'll be reported and any accounts that we think you own will be disabled.

NUMA Moderator

No men...

You suspect bad... respet me
but i dont want to jump to conclusions
Your last few maps have gotten plenyty of rates, while the others have gotten pretty much ignored.

Seven rates in 7 minutes for a map this quality is not a coincidence.


is true..

7 minutes 7 ratings!!


That was quick.

3/5 from me imo.


D: 5


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