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I completed N+

call me shadow

I am German.
and after a 5 year break now back to NUMA! Nice to see you guys. Any of the old folks around here? Write me!

collabs i made
Lazer Light Show [] with ZTHING
TankDriver [] and
Welcome to the Jungle [] with schaaaf
Keep On Pushing Those Squares! [] with Aphex_N
National Conflicts of highest Grade [] with brainstone
Cannon [] with Bluepretzel
Tragedy In The Darkness [] with BloodyMoonLike
The Aether Flues [] with Ferox
old school [] with ultimatereading
Good Story Map [] with Chrdrenkmann
A Hint [] kind of collab with 29403
Bikerider [] with BluePretzel
thwumpish [] with Bl3wolf
Winning a Fortress [] with XY
Snow Rider #2 [] (with BluePretzel)
Nessi [] with the_puzzler - please spend more attention to him, especally this map xD
Jungle Cruise [] with bluepretzel
Canyon of rust and dust [] with da_guru
Climbing Mountains of Water [] with da_guru

2010 []

N Fight
(i brought this idea to NUMA, i think)
you can use this images and the concept - but please credit me and pm to one of my maps
N Fight []

"It entertains me how much one person can be so imaginative in an enclosed space, as so. So I think to myself; if HE does not have a good map, then who does? I certainly don't. This map is an extraordinary example of how imaginative, creative, and well thought out shadow's maps are."
- SeventhSpirit

**joined NUMA on 09.08.09**

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Golden Line innocense Jungle Cruise IconJump Canyon of rust and dust Back after 5 Years