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Every artist has a small (or large) catchall. His trunk. His more intimate and personal material, his darker material, things that never saw the light. Things warily and kept forever. Its purest sensations, unfinished impressions, feelings and hidden dreams.
His story. His personal story.
This is my story.


"I was lying down; but when I saw that you had a new map I just had to get off the bed sit down, and play your level." - Raif
"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." - Salvador Dalí
"In soviet Russia, you chase the seekers." - lsudny
"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing." - Salvador Dalí
"This is what I love about your style, blended, frozen into an ice cube, and then plopped into a drink full of awesomeness." - 123leonidas321
"He's Jesus, bro." - Sunset
"Dude, you're Salvador Dali of this place. 5aving this." - deep_blue
"Why do you make the most EVIL maps! Especially you, the23! You have made many players foam at the mouth." - 29403
"I like this." - {bleh}

"By the way, who are you?" - zoasBE

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