Carnival Into Space

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Author the23
Tags author:the23 gaunt unrated z230353
Created 2015-04-22
Last Modified 2015-04-22
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Description Here's a technologic map, long, and full of - ahem - little challenges everywhere, none of them are deceptively hard and I think all is well connected with sense, so, have fun! I also think that an all gold is completely possible with a bit of persistence and there is also some maze-ish aspects in order to get the gold. Enjoy!

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Pretty good.


incredibly well crafted structure, cool drones. Monumental.

sub400 Speedrun. Way 2.
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I can get what do you mean, macrohenry. I just wanted not as devilish hard, and also creating something with mines and 'how to enter between them' instead of cinematic or complex mechanics and I think as a whole it worked pretty well. :)

Faster Speedrun:
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Looks great, but a bit too short for Gaunt (if you don't agd)
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Slooow AGD

The drones and thwumps were cool, the rest was not that interesting to be honest, but it was a good challenge.
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