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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt floorchasers tileset unrated
Created 2008-10-05
Last Modified 2008-10-05
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Description Ded to SuperstardomX_ for inspiring me to do this, and just being a good map maker.

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Pretty cool style here. Just a little bland.
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I liked the playable tiles but the other decorative ones I really disliked. The gamepley was pretty good too

sorry lightning

but i very very disagree. i thought it was fun and the tiles were cool. the gameplay was neat, the gauss was well placed. the only objection i had was that whenever b-blocks and gold are put together with nothing dark-colored for contrast, it looks kinda boring and almost invisible in the thumbnail. because of that factor, i almost didnt play this :O


My Story is Done []

As for this map, I hate floorguards, especially when used like this.NR.

Heh, actually i found the first the most flowy

faster agd - 1596 / 200.100
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I like it, the second row in particular is really folwy imo, so I think this gets rid of that issue, imo.

Its not exactly too long, its just that a lot of the map is repetitions of the first 2 jumps.

I accidentally

clicked report abuse on one of your comments! :x sorry!!!


yeah btw, sorry i didn't catch the timing thing. Thought u were gonna comment back on one of my maps, but anyway. I'm an aussie, what time would you recommend to post maps (aussie time) to catch all the reviewers like Blackson, RF, yahoozy etc.. ? comment back here or on one of my maps ty :D

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AGD -2
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Splinter thinks its too long, Jackass thinks its too short, hmm :)


fun but too short ... // CASE CLOSED //
When I get back from school :(

9 to 11 am

Thats evening in America, so should be the peak time for you. :) Care to rate?


But a little longer than it needed to be

agd - 1688 / 197.800
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Then I can tell you when to put it on.

yeah btw

i got a REALLY good map i think on my computer i made the other day, and i'm posting it tmoz. Its probably better than anything ive made here yet. and i want to wait till like blackson / yahoozy / atob are on atleast, should i wait?


its good, like the gauss placement and the tileset, im posting a new map right now. Take a look in a sec :)

No prob :)

Its based on Italy Sea Island, but Ive made it not as puzzlish and more actiony, with a little gauss section.

Haha nice man, thanks :) 4/5