No Excuses

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Author mintnut
Tags airfrancester author:mintnut bacon featured mapdraft1 rated
Created 2009-04-23
Last Modified 2009-04-26
by 31 people.
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Description ...left, waiting to fail, but not quite yet.


This map was featured on 2009-05-28

I’m guessing many of you know how hard it is to make something for the mapdraft contest. You’ve either got too many enemies, not enough tiles, or some ridiculous rule that reins you in. However, mintnut’s definitely managed to overcome these obstacles, producing one of my favourite short maps in a long time.

He’s managed to build his level around the requirements, rather than try and force them into something else. And it’s made all the difference; what we’ve got left is a beautiful break from the norm. Have a poke around, there’s no excuse for missing out on this. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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do you become a reviewer?



reminds me of science fiction
Demo Data The bridge was out! o.o'

Lazer is something.

But there are better mapdraft maps around there, sorry GTM.

...I never said

or implied there wasn't. and yea, pretty much same path. 1 difference but yea.

it's quite fun

and easy..

Faster AGD

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SOOO AWESOME! :D I love this map!
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Watch this epicness.
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* mintnut (mintnut@5243476A.B71C056D.5ABE0E4B.IP) has joined #n
<Inspired> MINTY!
<mintnut> hello
<Inspired> Nice job on the feature.
<mintnut> hmm...?
<Inspired> your feature
<mintnut> i'm not a reviewer...
<Inspired> Your featured map
<mintnut> oh, wow
<Inspired> haha hadn't you noticed?
<mintnut> i hadn't noticed
<Inspired> Classic!


Believe it or not, there is a big difference between 57 and 70 frames when we're referring to speed runs.


Was a fun level. Great placement of the lazer.
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sorry, it wasn't even the same route :D
but nice try anyway :)

Well, TBH

I was surprised that no one had beat me. I'm not a very good player. Ah well. At least I found the best path on my own.


I hate to burst your bubble eNlightened, but Life already has a demo which is 99 frames faster n NRealtiy. See:
Demo Data

New way (again).

Definitely fastest. Beat my last one by lie 70 frames. Not sure how much I could improve on this. Although in case another way is faster, I believe you can reach that very top e tiles (leftmost) using the kicker. I did it once or was really close but missed the jump. Deff possible fbf.
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Had to come back.

This map is addictive. Faster (Uses the 2nd root I found).
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the whole thing looks much better then it plays if you ask me.
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it isnt my favorite map, but it is a good one
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Alternative path.

Might be faster. The demo is but IDK if it's faster as a path.
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I lov this. AGD.
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Slightly faster than the other one.
Demo Data
5aved. I love this one. The gold is amazing, the gameplay is amazing, and above all I LOVE the kicker at the beginning. Hard to do but not fbf only hard. Great fun. Third try slow AGD
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Being well cool...
To craft a map as comfortable as this with such limiting restrictions is awe-inspiring


Being terrible at N in the first place, I hardly ever was able to get that great feeling of a well constructed map that still fit me. Utterly amazing, 5aved.

a very fun map

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Demo Data

Very nice

It was entertaining and adequatly challenging.
There is however a mysterious piece of gold.. As far up as it gets.
I enjoyed your map very much
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First try AGD.

Demo Data


I like how it is almost culturally inspired, but the gameplay was a bit stifled at times. I can see people enjoying this map though. 3.5

Slow Speed

Demo Data

Demo Data

When I first played this map I honestly thought it was just mintnut's usual sexyness. I didnt even realize it was for mapdraft and had all these limitations. Great job minty. :]


I defy your left hand side!
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