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Author furry_ant
Tags action author:furry_ant featured unrated
Created 2013-01-18
Last Modified 2013-01-18
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Description maixa

This map was featured on 2014-08-19

"Hello, this is your captain speaking. If you look out the starboard windows you'll see the lush canopies of Cimborio. Don't be fooled by the stillness of it. Untouched by man for the past two hundred years, much of the forest remains wild and incredibly dangerous. Plants thought to have gone extinct have flourished within this evergreen sanctuary. And who knows what alien creatures live within..."

"Psh, I ain't 'fraid of nothin' or no body. We'll see how wild this wilderness really is." — Aidiera

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I feel sorry for the poor floorguard, being left out like that.



slight improvement
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not the ideal run but i was aiming for sub-1000 and i got it
fun map
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this... one of those maps that I look at and think to myself: This is going to be an enjoyable map to play.
Solar radiation as well.
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Welcome back, Furry!

looks like everyone is making a column lolol
how did I not see this earlier

that sounds rad!

I'm making a column too. some guest maps will be included

ey eyyy

well thank you :)

are you working on that mappack? I'd love to see more furry maps :3

Funny story,

I actually saw this when you submitted it and kept the page open so I could eventually comment. So here it is, finally!

I really liked how the gold sort of dictated where the player would go and at parts encouraged them to do some sweet perpendicular jumps with risk of being inconvenienced by the enemies. This is different from your other iconic one-ways, mines and the like maps which is probably in part due to all those spiffy angles and minimal curves. Nice. And that's a tree I spy there.

Definetly a tree. :3
Oh, and there's half of another one. :B

Fave'd, looks open but plays completely different.
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Demo's ruined.


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laser fucked me over though, then chaingun killed me.
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hai =D

hi! i decided to make a mappack after not finishing two packs i started years ago and this map is going to be in there somewhere


welcome back, furry! :D

enemies were great

but chaingun could be overkill. nice tiles too. interesting how the laser could fire down from above. not too much wrong with this map

Have a comment!

And a Demo!
I didn´t liked the gold on the left. The gause section was realy cool and the laserdrone well timed.
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