Out of Saiga

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Author gloomp
Tags action author:gloomp juntaro out rated saiga
Created 2016-07-14
Last Modified 2016-07-14
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description actually spent some time playtesting this one

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you had 420 maps

yankeed stadium

Sub-500 sr

Demo Data

si k ed

skdie siekd sidke
right. sidke can just ban himself.


jk <3

not a fan

I love the map

flows nicely :D

terrible agd

chaingun has good timing
Demo Data


i got that coveted 3gd (three gold demo)
Demo Data


My only wish is that the locked door switch opened a room with gold, but as it is it's a very fun map. I loved the chaingun most.
Demo Data

Death demo.

Got a sick cornerjump off a laser, but couldn't beat the final chaingun. Will post agd.
Demo Data