The beauty of the sequence

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Author Ors_II
Tags author:ors_ii maze puzzle unrated
Created 2017-02-21
Last Modified 2017-02-21
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Description Thanks for Vanquish [] for inviting me back. Of course I come, even though I have been "really" active last time over two years ago. =)

So, here's a little puzzle level. There are many ways to complete the map, but I hope the routes aren't too obvious. I had no ideas what new to do with NReality, so made just a little puzzle for the vanilla version.

The name comes from my love in puzzle games, maths and such things that make me think. Actually the squares in the background refer to the shapes that gave me a place in a university. Just had to draw them in a maths contest. Just have to wait until my highschool is over. (over a year left)

Tomorrow I'll have time to play others' maps too, but now I have just time to upload this. Have fun.

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