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Author UkaBOB
Tags author:ukabob bobleader dda unrated
Created 2018-12-23
Last Modified 2018-12-24
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Map Data

Description I have no patience for DDAs. I meant for this to be a really long, legendary DDA, but I got bored of it after about an hour. Here's my 500-some frame "lightning war."

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If I don't get something from you in the next 48 hours, I'm dropping the collab. No offense, but you guys have been making lots of maps recently and kind of ignoring the collab.



damn i fumbled up with some words in previous comment.


stands for Rate, Comment, Enjoy.
As far as this map is concerned, I feel this is quite a good attempt at a DDA. Like you said, it's short so it has potential to get extended. Amongst the enemies, the Laser drones seem to be doing the job of making the most close-calls. Other enemies were dangerous only once or twice. The rockets were getting by doors destroyed whenever they came close. Gauss turrets were almost ineffective. Drones posed a fast-paced threat which was nice. You can work on some more kinds of propulsion. Good luck for future DDAs
'Cause in the past sixteen months, all but one tagged dda was posted by us.

-If you couldn't figure it out, it's still BOBLEADER
it's this one [].

It seems to good for a concept map, though, and the first dad would have been quite possibly the most important concept map ever created.

dda* o_O

I'm a nut.

Does anyone know

what the first dad ever made was?

It's 565 frames.

So, it's really short. But I assure you those are 565 quality frames.

I will probably go back and edit a few things. Like that floor guard at the end. In Ned, it was a really close call, but turns out that it looks kinda dumb.