Downhill Jam

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Author heatwave21
Tags author:heatwave21 drone-timed playable race rated thwumps
Created 2007-08-27
by 11 people.
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Description These are really fun to make! Comes in at about 1000 frames. The flow is great, and there are some great close calls.

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Cool map

A little too strict, IMO, but you fly through hugely dangerous areas, so that's awesome.

My demo's 1064, so no post.

not bad :)

jk i did a 4.5

Speedy demo

2^10 frames. :o
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u finished it.


real good

nice to see this finished. i love the beginning. 4.5!

that was awesome!

nice map! 4.5aved


this keeps happening to me so i guess im not goin fast enough but awsome race, there is a little bit a flow problem in the top left of the map when the N kinda stops a little.

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