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Author romaniac
Tags author:romaniac bitesized featured launchpads mines puzzle rated thwumps
Created 2007-12-21
Last Modified 2007-12-21
by 84 people.
Map Data

Description Been working on this one for a bit, playtesting it took a while, but it has turned out well

EDIT: Map number 300

This map was featured on 2008-06-15

One of the coolest thwump puzzles there is, this map fancies all who play it. With a variety of routes possible, and the perfect balance of difficulty and ease, this map shows all players alike what mapmaking in N is really about. Every thwump, every tile, every piece of this map is flawlessly planned to perfection. One of my favorite puzzles on NUMA, Stability [] — cucumber_boy

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but I've come back to it a lot over the years

surprised how great this map is.
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has a bit more flow and more skillbased than your sequel
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A perfect puzzle. That's what this map is.
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letting you go there...
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I could do faster but that first floorguard's got me spewin'
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but it's been quite a while actually. Still as great as it was a year and a half ago.


I've hadn't rated this.
5/5 baby!


I still love this map

just a question

did u get this idea from my map, "wavering stability"?

just with the title and all...idk

anyway great map
Ive just used the idea in a new way

50th rate ftw


Did you come up with the thwump squeezy thing?

good map

agd -4
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About time this got featured.


lol!! ppl hate your map.. xD!!
5aved, That's a brilliant idea.


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I like the idea

is it okay if I make a bit of a similar thing with teleporters?

fun map





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I really like it.

It's a great puzzle.


You can finally battle the Persians. :O
I think it's pretty good. I like how the fly to a launch pad without having to do anything and you don't hit a mine. I think there should've been a gauss in the middle or something, cuz it's a bit boring. 4.5


5aved, a rare 5 from me for brilliance
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This is insane


Grats on 300

I love this map. Good use of thwump + 7 tiles.

all gold :)

4.5aved, really cool map, congrats on reaching 300
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Congradulations on reaching 300!!!


5aved. Amazing map. I love it.

Compeletion Demo.
That group of gold almost directly below the final door has been annoying me. :P.
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