Drone Race

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Author lord_day
Tags action author:lord_day bitesized buddylee collab drones glitch playable race rated
Created 2008-02-14
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description BuddyLee and lord_day.
Drone Race.
For some competition!

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Sub-800 AGD

This took a while. Nice job.
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Glitch FX EVER!


Great mechanics. Loads of fun.


If you made the top-left blocks of the rectangle: then the invisible wall wouldn't affect N. I made this map a while back and later maps started having the glitch used in them. Did I discover it or did it just start getting used again?


You should tell him

Get him to add it to the tutorial and give you credit. There's no point making another thread for something like this. quality > quantity.

Great discovery though.

Well actually...

This map uses glitched doors that don't affect the ninja. In order to do this, the block on the other side of the trapdoor can't be an E or D tile. player_03's tutorial does not mention this feature.

You don't need to

Just direct people to here. Player 3 has made a full door explanation tutorial.
to make them stop, didn't you?
I've seen the trick before here:
This map uses the glitch really well, and also has great action. 4.5/5.
It has the race tag because you race against the drones, I think.
Where is the best place to do so?
I shall investigate.
is very cool though. Not seen that before ;)
than race. Also feels a little rushed or incomplete. It feels average for both of you.


had the same experience, only thing, I' d like to know how you make them stop. Like in BuddyLee's earlier map as well.


This is awesome. Has some nice flow, with generally pleasing aesthetics and great gameplay, with an unexpected twist. I actually wondered why it was a drone race, then all of a sudden, the drones just stopped.


Good job guys. Awesome map.
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but fun
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Holy shit

at those mechanics.
and not because it doesn't have loops in it. Still, this is very well made, fun, etc., so I give it a 4.5. Good work.


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how u make em stop?

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