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About me:

I've been playing N since 2004, and I was 9 back then. I started mapping in 2005, and submitted my very first map the day after my birthday that year. It was a DDA called The neverending N speedway []. I am not proud of it at all.

Since then, I've been making DDAs, most of which are really not that good at all. Those which are good, on the other hand, they're really not that good anyway. I've come to over 9 years of mapping, and I doubt I've ever made a truly decent map, but there are some I'm really proud of. Check 'em out.

Abandon Who? []
The Inside Of Samsung []
A Pat On The Back, A Sock In The Face [] (Featured)
Trisomy H2O [] (Featured)
Lunar []
entrop---- []
It Is Definitely Surprising To Know That []
Director's Cut []
Trespassers Will Be Shot []
Hyper Hexagonest []

My best DDAs

A Destructive Race - Twice The Spice [] - Two-way DDA
Space Junk [] - HRDEKRADDA
Iterati [] - Innovative New Concept for a DDA (Nominated for 2011 Dronies)
Subculture [] (Nominated for 2012 Dronies)
Fornicate The Constable [] - NReality DDA

I have a few others, but I intentionally deleted all my maps off of NUMA a few years back.

In my time at NUMA, I've seen many great authors rise and rule. I'll just list them here.

Evil_Bob [] - Simply stunning. Nuff' said.
AMomentLikeThis [] - Something about his style just makes me want to play all those 1500+ maps. It's a pity they're not easy to find now.
Clifty [] - Not only are his DDAs absolutely stunning, but he was a great friend to me even when I did some really stupid things on IRC and the forums. We really need more people like him.
Southpaw [] - I've gotten so used to calling him that, and he is also a really great guy. I still can't believe we never finished our novel.
incluye [] - His style, his maps. Everything's cool.
kydo [] - I never did say goodbye to him before he left.
Life247 [] - Love his maps, especially his DDAs. And he's a cool guy on Facebook.
Wizard2 [] - No one does KRAs better than him. No one.
seven_two [] - His maps just have that oh-so-special click to them. I'd play his maps any day.
Ben Schultz [] - His highscoring runs are a pleasure to watch, his mapping is amazing and he's a cool guy on Facebook too. Isn't it great how Facebook brings us all together?
FractalP [] - Probably my best friend on N when he was around. I really miss the old days at #boredom with FractalP, Clifty, kydo, toppredator, Socky, Pawz and I.

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Cyclis Destructa 01-1 Friendly Harriers Inbound A Destructive Race - Twice The Spice Nuuk Kitty Iterati It's a Hailstorm!