It's a Hailstorm!

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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune ctrdda dronies featured nreality rated wintercon
Created 2013-12-18
Last Modified 2018-06-11
by 43 people.
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Description Edit: Yay! I win the WinterCON!!
Edit2: Thanks for the feature Aidi!
Edit3: Thank you everyone for choosing it as the 2013 DDA of the Year []
Edit4: Fixed the preview image.
Edit5: Photobucket deleted my images so they won't show up in the map. Also, rated maps' data can't be edited. To enjoy the map completely, use this instead: []

Hey everyone! This is my entry for Wintercon. Requires NReality to see the images, but works perfectly on N v1.4. Created the images using Photoshop CC in more that 3 hours.
Do check out the map history! []
This is a Prison Style CTRDDA!! Probably the only one other than 1211's Fissure (also, 50 frames faster than it was :P). Started it a couple of months ago, but completed the left descent and right ascent yesterday. I wanted to extend it further, but it was becoming really, really difficult to do so 'cuz the rockets were too close to the ninja:

This map is a dedication to a lot of people (alphabetically arranged):
1211 - The guy whose DDAs have inspired me to create DDAs like he can.
123leonidas321/RedSpartan - The guy who was probably my first friend at NUMA, also a great mapper.
blue_rocks & macrohenry - The two guys who give me serious competition at speedrunning.
deep_blue - The guy who submits awesome maps at even more awesome rate (like two maps everyday!)
Ors_II - The 14 yr old guy who makes pretty cool NReality maps.
R3D_N1NJ4 - The guy whose episodic maps are really great.
zoasBE - The busy guy whose VODKA maps intoxicate me.

Other random celebrations:
Deaths: My ninja died for the 464464th time! Yay!!
Savegame: My .sol file size became 10 MB large!
Ratings: I crossed 200 ratings mark on my 16 DDAs! (an average of 14 ratings per map!)
Rankings: I crossed 600 rankings mark on Level Top-20 in speedrunning!
Hot Maps Stand: This map remained on hot maps page for 152 hours i.e. 6.33 days.

Map Preview for those who don't use NReality:

This map was featured on 2014-12-18

have yourself a merry little xmas
let your heart be light
NUMA is a fully functional website

have yourself a merry little xmas
play this DDA
every time the rockets will be far away

here we are, and the golden days
are a drunken haze of yore
fellow nerds play this game with us
highly dangerous, i'm shore

through the years we'll always be together
'less we all rage quit
holy fucking hell this site has turned to shiiiiit
so have yourselves a merry little xmas, pricks


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I don't understand what you mean by tag the maps so the competition is private.

Please clarify for me,
thanks :)

just noticed the image doesn't show up anymore. Howcome? can you fix it

well now that you're not a threat anymore- as the Mods confirmed that I can publish maps the way I want to publish them without getting banned. Look, someone someone achieved a similar effect to your map here with bbs: =)

5/5 !!!

it's strange and wonderful but also sort of a curiosity

usually i just watch ddas and regard them as some sort of advanced wizardry not meant to be understood by my dinosaur brain, much like telling a peasant about deodorant

actually, no, ska, everyone would have jumped on him for using gold delay

Great feature!



if this dda (sans the NReality effects) had of been released in 2005, you would have given people an aneurysm and been accused of witchcraft.


Now you can edit again the description and place this achievement! XD

Also really cool review/feature Aids.

haha I know man! I didn't really understand his visions of that women who killed her kids though aahhhh

This is killer...

So killer in fact that I decided to watch it frame by frame to better learn some game mechanics. You've taught me a little about propulsion, which I will attempt to put to use in my next map. Also, I think I've learned something about rockets. It would seem rockets only kill you if they hit your torso and they have to be the one hitting you, it doesn't seem to kill you if you pass through them although, at the time of posting this comment, I have yet to test that theory. 5/5 and Faved
Screwed the whole block of =s
Demo Data

really broad

but alright then

Thanks man! :)

I actually am looking for maps to nominate as well, but dda section is already decided with this being in 100%.

Thank you

So much! =)


I did as you wanted. Multimap is now "concept"
It seems DDA's always do well on wintercons, haha.
really well-deserved! :D
You truly deserved it for this wonderful masterpiece.

No surprises with the contest ;p








made 100th map

used the tileset you suggested
give me time
Fissure lasted five-seven days on the Hot Maps page. However, this is a fine enough of reception received for today.
I wonder what the record is...

Congrats dude! Awesome reception!

I submitted the dda on Wednesday 12pm local time....
Right now it is 9:16am here...
That means 141.75 hours or close to 6 days!!!!


Droni! nom nom nom nom nom nom

Also, how to tell the hour count?


My record was just 101 hours

thank you guys!!

122 hours on hot maps page!! Woah....