Nuuk Kitty

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Author aerodynamic
Tags author:aerodynamic bounceblock greenland nuuk puzzle rated tricky
Created 2011-09-20
Last Modified 2011-09-20
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Can you spot the cute kitty? Tricky bounceblock map. Looking for fast speedruns and agds here, maybe I'll give you something for them... maybe.

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This place is rather quiet, haha. A lot of people are lurking from what I've heard, and this community is getting revitalized slowly but surely.
How've you been?


I'll take that as a compliment, meaning at least you realised that they were actually bones. My artistic skills aren't the best ;P

Trust me man, Kendama is very complex. There's thousand of tricks and each days there's some pro players who try and find new insane tricks to do :D
But this is right that when you've never try it you can hardly imagine how hard and impressive it is.

Amazing demo,


Fun fact

Nuuk is greenland's capital


amazing. I love this map. 4.5aved.

sub 1100 AGD

Demo Data

thanks, AP!

your agd totally kills mine, but mine has a slightly different route anyway, so here's it's is's:
Demo Data

holy crap nice AGD Arctic_pony


i love this.
Demo Data
The best way to do that last jump though is by spacing out the double jump more, especially if you want the gold. You still have to be low, but not /that/ low, haha :P On a side note, I'll probably put up my agd eventually, but I wanna see someone else go at it first.
look how low I had to drop on the bb before doing the double jump O_O
Demo Data