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>>>I have 3 less maps than displayed above.<<<

I've just(?) decided to call myself an alternative or avant-garde style map-maker. I just make whatever :P

I'm not on the forums I am on the forums now, but if you're not and you want to contact me please leave a message in my mailbox. []

<old original profile>
I used to be NinjaTrix a long time ago, but apparently I never submitted any maps here under that name anyway. In fact, the only impact I ever made as NinjaTrix was making it into the highscores on Episode 48 Level 4, a feat of which I am quite proud (I've done it again under aerodynamic). Anyway, uh, just wanted to perhaps establish some credibility by saying that, and I'll try and make same good maps!

My favorite maps by me are my "crazyraces," a new genre I'm basically making up. They have race aspects to them (they're fast-paced) but other than that they don't really follow the rules of a race. They're not all my best maps necessarily, but they're my favorites to make and play, even though I've only done four so far. So check them out... crazyraces []
</old original profile>

Favorite author(s) so far:
Tempus_Fugit []
Arctic_Pony []
Onesevennine []

(Tread softly through this list, I don't delist)
List of all my maps in alphabetical order:
(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay [] Action/N-Art
*CLAP*:*CLAP**CLAP* [] Rocket-Dodging
10 Second DDA [] DDA
3.14159265358979 [] Action
88 [] Action/Jumper
A Whimsical Death [] Puzzle
Above the Underground Lakes of Vietnam [] Puzzle/Action
aerodynamic's Mailbox [] Informative/N-Art
Afuera Avenue [] Action
Alone in the Wilderness [] Mine-Jumper
Alpen [] Easy
Altiplano [] Action
Aquamarine City Factory Works [] Puzzle/Jumper
Art, I Choke [] Action
Bayonette Bay [] Action/Puzzle
Best to do it at a bit of a run [] Race/Mine-Jumper
Big Bang [] High-Scoring/Mini-Map
Bocce Ball [] Action/Rocket_Dodging
Bottle Opener [] High-Scoring/Mini-Map
Bottle Opener 2.0 [] High-Scoring/Mini-Map
Brain Thwumper [] Puzzle/Near-Impossible
Cave Race Car EVAC [] Race
Cheating Death? [] Action
Chinese Finger Trap [] Puzzle
City Abandoned [] Action
Clouds and Raindrops [] Time/Jumper
Crimean Crime Scene [] Puzzle
Death of a Salesman [] Action
Detour [] Action/Mini-Map
Disqualified [] Action/Mini-Map
Doodles of a Yankee [] Action
Downhill Crash [] Crazyrace
Enjoy the Ride [] Crazyrace
Faulty Ecosystem [] Action
Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail [] Action
Flourpower's Loafing [] Action/Race
FNA [] Hard/Jumper
Fossil Cave [] KRA
General Cliche [] Action/Episodic
Gravity Upon Gravity [] Action
Have a Happy Christmas (2 Days Before Thanksgiving) [] Hard/Action
Heavy Traffic [] Action
Heckled en route to the guillotine [] Prisoner/Puzzle
Himalayan Rope Bridge [] Action
House of Hurt [] Mine-Jumper/Hard
Hydrodynamics Is Mythical Rubbish [] Action/Jumper
I Remember the Thrill of Adventure [] Action/Adventure
I Spy [] Action
Il Postino [] Mine-Jumper
Imagination Station [] Prisoner/Action
Infestation [] Action
Is This a Joke? [] Loltasticathon
Just Go With It [] Crazyrace
Knockturn Alley (Dodgy Place) [] Action
Koalas In My Hair [] Action/Rocket-Dodging
Latitude vs. Longitude [] Action/Hard
Let Them Think They're Winning [] KRA
Let's Learn About Shapes [] Action/Puzzle/NReality
Like A Teenage Parking Job [] Action/Puzzle
Lost! [] Action
Mad Hard [] Near-Impossible
Mandatory Minimalism [] Mini-Map/Contest
Mare Crisium [] Action
Mariana [] Action
My House at Ürümqi [] Action/Puzzle/Hard
Neapolitan [] Action
Nitrous Lasagna [] Action/Race
Njoy [] Action
None too crazy 'bout Picasso [] Action
Nuuk Kitty [] Puzzle
Oddball Dreamer [] Action
One heck of a pretzel [] KRA
Phoenix of the Fallen [] Action/High-Scoring
Piranhas in Pajamas or Pisces in Pieces [] Action
Power Grid : Baby Steps [] Puzzle/Action
Pro Laser Tag [] Action
Quasi-Heavenly [] Action
Radio, Stereo [] Action
Razzle Dazzle [] Action/Easy
Rocket Atmosphere [] Rocket-Dodging
Roundabout [] Easy
Salt and Vinegar [] Hard/Puzzle/Marathon
Scattered Black and Whites [] Action
Shady Desert Outpost [] Action
smorgasbord [] Action
Snake Pit [] Action/Hard
Something's Missing [] Action
Space Invaders? [] Action
Space Ranger/Goaltending [] Action
Speed of Sound [] Crazyrace
Speedrun! [] Speedrun
Spoonfeed = Longest Reverse Alphabetical Word [] Race/Hard
Starship 1 [] Action/Near-Impossible
Stepping Stones in Lava Cave [] Puzzle/Mine-Jumper/Hard
Sub-Basic [] Rocket-Dodging/Puzzle
Tajik Table Tennis [] Action
Tepuis Tangent to Tempting Tortillas [] Puzzle/KRA/Prisoner
That Dead Floating Tree [] Action
That Swiss lifeguard from Tonga [] Time/Jumper
The Cat Burglar [] Puzzle/Loltasticathon
The Generator [] N-Art
The Other End of the Alphabet [] Action
The Sixth Sick Sheik's Sixth Sheep's Sick [] Action
The Ugly Duckling [] Action
Think Fast [] Puzzle
Thwump Manor [] Puzzle/Action
Tide's Coming In [] Action
Tuvalu Plaza : Ambling Mauka [] Medium
Underwater Decaying Metropolis [] Action/Race
Unusual [] Action
V for Vendetta cuz I could think of nothin' betta [] Action/Mini-Map
Very Simple Challenge [] Mini-Map/Hard
Very Simple Challenge 2 [] Mini-Map
Very Simple Challenge 3 [] Mini-Map/Hard
Very Simple Challenge 4 [] Mini-Map
Watch Out For Cyclists [] Action/Mine-Jumper/Hard
Where there's a will there's a way [] Action/Near-Impossible
Widescreen [] Action
Worlds [] Action
Xavier's Ex-Boyfriend [] Action/AGD
You get an "A" for "F"-ort! [] Hard/Mini-Map
Zookeeper 3: The Iguazu Incident [] Action

Crystal Spirits: Dead and Gone [] w/ WordBlamCreator []

Romantics [] by Yahoozy 6/1/11 (Thanks to Life247)
Subplots [] by Onesevennine 5/27/11 (Thanks to 1211)
Mr. Nutter [] by Riobe 4/6/11 (Thanks to Life247)
Distraught Over Love [] by mrgy05 6/5/10 (Thanks to flagmyidol)
A World Beyond [] by UniverseZero 5/15/10 (Thanks to PALEMOON)
Garland [] by Tempus_Fugit 12/31/09 (Thanks to origami_alligator)

thanks to _destiny^- []

My avatar blown up:

And yes, it IS Scotland!
I should probably mention I've beaten N multiple times; that's how I ended up here. (Mind you, under the name NinjaTrix on an old computer, to any of you gifted with such logic that you could deduce how the picture below would seemingly contradict the statement above.)
Now that I've got NReality I've beaten the additional 100 episodes in that as well.
My colo(u)r: red FF, green 6D, blue 0.
. []

episode 83 (lol, forgot about that...)

"When you're a ninja, it helps to be aerodynamic." ;)
- aerodynamic (June 22, 2009 - )

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Above the Underground Lakes of Vietnam Scattered Black and Whites Nuuk Kitty Afuera Avenue Doodles of a Yankee Death of a Salesman