Consider Phlebas

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue featured inoex look to unrated winward
Created 2008-03-20
Last Modified 2010-03-30
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Description For Pheidippides


Plus, some comments on this would be appreciated:


This map was featured on 2008-05-25

astheoceansblue's Consider Phlebas is an extraordinary marriage of simplicity and style. Working with an attractively simple theme, atob has crafted a beautiful tileset with no unnecessary frills and plenty of gameplay-fueling flow. Rockets were the ideal enemy for this landscape, and their placement gives them a wide range while still maintaining order. Optional gold motivates the player to exploit and enjoy this expert placement. All told, Consider Phlebas certainly proves that less is more. — Pheidippides

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Fastest AGD.

Though definitely subject to cleaning, if anyone's willing to do it.
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At last

Finally we become acquainted again, map. Played it ages ago and I've been wondering what map/who it was by ever since.



Why did you made it unrated? I wanna rate it a huge 5


this is the first featured map!


i really want a featured map


the map was deleted, then re-subbed because phei asked it to be, that's all.


this map is for pheidippides, and is then mysteriously featured...

by pheidippides.

I find a lot of your other maps are far better and more enjoyable than this one.


I have a complaint that i would just like to bring to your attention (I know this isn't the first time a nub has been to lazy to use email). I find the way maps are being listed become very inefficient. Sure, it lets people know which top authors had recently made a map. But for a starting author such as myself, it is unfair for me to submit a map, and already be the seventh map on the page because blackson, lord day, eganic, and others are being displayed at the top. Think about it. BTW, this map is brilliant. 5/5 faved


you disable this account of mine?

i like

is it hard to be featured?


on becomeing a moderator

and that's an intense map

so I wouldn't know, broc. The link I've read about before though so that might be right.

The gold and tiles are all set up here so you have to be slightly specific to snatch/traverse. The maps isn't supposed to flow in the traditional sense.

Saying that, I deleted this originally as the gameplay didn't feel up to the quality of the tiles. It's certainly not one of my favs; half my archive is probably more feature worthy than this ;)

Thanks for the comments.

It's okay

But the gold placement bothers me big time. The tileset and other objects encourage flow almost through the whole map, but the gold is set up in such a way that it breaks that flow as much as possible. Would be 3/5 from me.


I write my vote here because i can't rate it...
Good map!

Fun had

wow. i am so unlucckyy.
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if I could =D

I love it!



why cant i rate it???
Nice level. Interesting that you took such a complex book to make such a simplistic level.. But its still great. As we can expect, from ATOB.

Which of Iain M Banks' novels is it that talks of the world that is only water? I think it may be 'Look To Windward' (somewhat a companion novel to this one, in as much as they come from the same TS Elliot quote)... That description is what i think of from AsTheOceansBlue - an ocean planet.

Anyhoo - nice. AGD.
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I'm surprised no-one else has all gold demoed it yet...
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you can put it on faves. Just click the NINJA to the left of the mapname.


*realizes he can't*

I like this map.

*Adds to favorites*

I liked it

Nice job.



because i say so


I guess it deserves to be a featured map.

Made a stupid mistake in the demo.
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Nice map

Well, close call at the end....
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never mind the '4'


nice job. I love everything about it.

Consider Phlebas?

I'm reading that book right now. Nice map by the way.


Thanks, atob. This is one of my all-time favorite maps. *Faves immediately*