Mid Flight Stratigique

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Author remote
Tags action author:remote flight freedom image-map nreality rated
Created 2008-03-22
Last Modified 2008-03-22
by 10 people.
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Description i decided id try my luck at an image map.

load it into Nreality to feel the full experience of free-ness and flight =P

you can find it here somewhere:

have fun, tell me whether it was worth making or not.

ded to Thomas for being a supreme letter finder!!!

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Speed demo

trying for agd is much more fun.
Demo Data

nice stuff

just a photo though?
Or did you take the photo yourself?
Demo Data


gameplay wasn't that original but still pretty fun. Image didn't add anything. 3/5

Decent map

It's not really my style, but you did a pretty good job with it. The image is nice. Putting it in wasn't a waste of time.

Pretty decent MGD:
Demo Data

no rate?

thanks for la comment =]