Keep Them Knees Up

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Author therealone
Tags author:therealone challenge hard playable puzzle rated simple
Created 2008-03-25
by 6 people.
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Description The eighth map in my own "Simple Challenge" series.

Here are the other 7 maps:

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Not mine =p

Did this one on nreality a long time ago...
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Took me a few tries. 4
Why does xaelar always beat everyone's demos?
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Demo Data


I made it to the key in editer before i submitted it, and since the map is symetrical that means that it is possible to make it back, so i knew completion was possible, But i just hadn't completed it yet.
you should test your levels before sending the to numa. some of them ARE just a little impossible. Really close though. keep up the good work.

OMFG Completion

Finally! for some reason i could not beat this lvl... I really should be able to beat my own lvls huh? well its al awful run, but w/e it's completion.
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Is that an ass?