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I'm xaelar, a german highscorer and sometimes I make maps, too.

I started playing N in january 07, started to highscore late march 07 and I became one of the top 5 highscorers (ranked by 0ths) in may 07.

Since the 9th march of 08 I am the leader of the highscore boards and since 2008-07-17 I make some maps.

((N at Wikia, article about xaelar:))
"By 2008, Mr_Lim's departure left xaelar the most dominant player in the game. By May of 2008, xaelar had the most 0ths, with over 200 of them."

((Since then I stopped highscoring the original boards activily and played custom maps and made speedruns)) <--- I'm not sure

If you want me to test or play something PM me on the forums or leave a message on one of my maps.

Thanks for reading :D




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