You're It

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Author Seifer
Tags action author:seifer ded graffiti image image-map lava nexx nreality playable rated
Created 2008-04-07
by 12 people.
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Description Please play in NReality to see all the image goodness

Dedicated to Nexx for all his help. Who needs photoshop when you have Nexx 2.0, now with voice activation! Also, special thanks to Banksy (please don't sue me).

You can preview the image here:

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Very fun...I didn't use the image though.

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cool map

a great gameplay. :)
on the background image, try not to put strong details that can lower the visibility of objects. Try smoothing.
And for the foreground, make the edges contrast with the background so that it's easy to see walls and tiles.


I think I like it better without the image, though - the background makes it hard to see the objects. I want to see what kind of stuff you start doing when you have better tools than MS Paint at your disposal!
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since no one seems to be submitting demos.. here's my fastest agd
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Nexx made a very good tutorial you can check out here:

i know i probably sound stupid... but how do you get backrounds in nreality???


Here's a very simple completion. Some much faster routes are possible though.
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Bah! Death demo:

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