Easy Target

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Author Jiggerjaw
Tags action author:jiggerjaw nreality playable rated
Created 2008-04-12
by 14 people.
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Description Play with NReality.

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I love that sweet ninja. 5/5
Demo Data


I did a map similar to this recently:

But you played around with the concept more than I did.
Btw, a normal ninja does not stop that fast due to normal friction. Check again.
Demo Data
But the size of the ninja makes it seem like he stops short. Instead, he stops just as fast as a ninja of smaller size, but the comparative distance makes it seem tiny. In order for it to seem correct, the friction needs to be increased by the same factor as the ninja's size.
The comic where klyde struggles to get over the small ledge. no 17.
All frictions are at half their normal values. Nothing can account for the abrupt stopping.


But still, i think, a good level...

*tries to rate fairly...*


havent seen that mod before. but i agree with miyoser, hated the friction, loved the huge ninja though. 4/5

Very fun.

I don't like the excess friction though.