I catch a glipse of my hazy reflection

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Author maximo
Tags action author:maximo playable rated
Created 2005-08-18
by 11 people.
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Description woo. I love this. It's simple and still challenging. Just a fun simple speed map. I love bounce blocks and this map is about them. Enjoy the simplicity. Comment while your at it.

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Take that!

Four frames.
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One frame.
Demo Data

Fast demo

I couldn't compete with the all gold demos so I'll just post a fast completion demo.:p

Nice map.
Demo Data

I hate you

Demo Data

Nice map

Good clean fun!


600 flat. Cool map.
Demo Data

that it can

great run btw.
Demo Data

Ah, there it is

It can be improved using this method though.
Demo Data
WOO. I thought my old route was really good too.
Demo Data


Did you actually rate it? Because it still says 4 votes required.


Very stylish. It could have used something ornate up the top though, it was too empty for me. Nice demo nevermore.

Oh, and

It's gone in my favorites.
And I seem to have beaten your demo inadvertently. I made mine just before your demo was posted.

Very good map

I love simple challenges like this.

One thing I love about your style is the attention to unique detail. I don't see gold being placed a half a tile away from mines in most maps like on the sides. It looks really cool.
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all gold

this is the best run/route i have.
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