The Velvet Undergrad

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch featured novelty rated zenith
Created 2008-05-17
by 24 people.
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This map was featured on 2011-06-30

I remember the first few times I visited NUMA, in 2008. One of the maps that I stumbled upon was The Velvet Undergrad, an extraordinarily fun map made by Krusch. Even today, Krusch is one of my favourite authors just because that. He can make maps that are pure thrill to jump through, without any unnecessary clutter in the way.

The Velvet Undergrad focuses purely on the core of N, fun. The fact that it looks astounding, is original, or provides pleasant routes for speedruns is just secondary. Play it, you won't regret.

-koipen — flagmyidol

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First-try AGD

Juicy af
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but for koipen's map rating standards, this is, like, really bland and generic and repetitive with no innovation. wtf. and agreed with conen

i mean,

the map is right there
you just have to play it to see that it's good
nothing spectacular, yet held in very high esteem

My choice, not my review. Thanks Brogs I swear I will say hi to you on IRC soonest.


I loved the innovation in the launchpads, phresh.


flag comes up with the goods once again. Great map and a solid review. Your choices are always great. krusch groovin'.

this is good,

there is a fine line between spam and stylistic ornamentation. This has style.
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But a lot of the maps he gets featured are really not interesting maps at all. THis is no exception, have been playing this time and time again since I got it a loooong time ago, and after playing it once more just now. Must say, there is really nothing really special about this map. It's just fun.
However... grats krusch.
but there's like 2 million launchpads ..... .... dotdotdot

not complaining though they look cool


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Innovative map.

Those launchpads strung together like that don't only add a certain beauty to the map, but also work pretty well as obstacles, making you think about your jumps under pressure of the restlessly sniping gauss. Result: very satisfying gameplay.


Took down ska after 2 1/2 years :)
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One of my alltime favourites; fun, original and enjoyable.


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very nice.

Goodbye krusch. I'll miss you guys :(
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An original concept

Lots of bouncepads!!! 4/5

Beautiful as always. 5
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not much to it

the trampolines were cool looking though. concept wasnt that exciting though. fun to play though so i give you 4/5


it's a play on words or pun or whatever.
and so is this whole map. It's stupid, and it's ugly, and it's dumb!


Don't you mean

The Velvet Underground? I've got a CD of them.


Those launchpads look so cool/

so very cool.

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