Bourne Insanity

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Author TRT_Bardock
Tags author:trt_bardock dda fun insanity rated
Created 2008-05-19
Last Modified 2008-05-19
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Finally!! I made my first DDA, and i think its worth a watch...

This took one whole day to make so please be kind :)

4 Lasers+ 4 Rockets+ 4 Zappers drones + Hell lot of Thwumps!
2133 Frames...

You will need to play in FBF mode to look for most of the close calls.. and there are plenty i think...
Have fun! N yeah plz rate and comment...

Play in Ned since it has some fake deaths

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cool 5/5

... i wish i could make maps like you :)


nice XD

o and u might want to put in a comment or tag to tell others that it works in the editor

close calls? i am in afterlife the second the first zap drone hit me lmao
there's a fake death in it, so u have to play in N editor (Ned) and not in userlevels!

Try reading more carefully next time, rather than spoiling other people's ratings..

i died

what a dda if i died??
so 3
but didnt die or go zombie...

@woofer waffle

yeah m asian...


This is amazing for a first.
5/5, you should definately make more ddas.

Love the part

where N cheats death when he free falls on the right side, and crashes in the zap drone and lives!


Too much gold delay.
Too many launch pads.
Too little variety in propulsion.
Too little lasers.
Too long.

And I loved it, :)

are you asian

wut is ur racial background?

thnx :)

well to be frank i dont know too many propulsion techniques yet, so i tried to compensate that with the close calls.


dude this kicks ass, people generally rate down for launchpads...but i think they were used effectively.

press ~ key on the main menu, copy the map data into the upper box after clearing it...
click somewhere outside the box and press L
then simply press P to start (wid capslock on )
if still dies press 1 b4 playing, might help...

neways heres a demo...
Demo Data

it died m8 :(

Oh right,

Play in Ned. Also, you might want to get rid of the 'playable' tag.


unfortunately for me, this didn't work. But from what I saw, it was pretty great. No rating yet.