Micro Havoc 2

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Author PsychoSnail
Tags author:psychosnail dda featured mini multienemy nonplayable rated sequel
Created 2008-05-26
Last Modified 2008-12-02
by 61 people.
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Yet another DDA from me!
Sequel to Micro Havoc [].
This time there are no lasers, but there are 10 rockets, 6 chainguns, and 3 gausses, to make a total of 19 enemies. There are also no launchpads, too.
I know I didn't use the bottom-left really well, but at least the DDA is 1 frame longer (415 frames) than Micro Havoc 1 (414 frames).

I advise you watch this in FBF, because it's really difficult to tell what's going on otherwise. Enjoy!


12/01/08: Nominated for the 2008 Dronies! []

This map was featured on 2008-06-22

A sequal to the well known map 'Micro-Havoc', this map displays incredible knowledge of propulsion, utilising an exceptionally small space, but still retaining the excitement of a larger DDA, with 7 rockets and 5 chainguns being employed to highten the excitement. This is an exceptional map, and is certaintly worth the play. — squibbles

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but I just wanted to say, this map (and obviously the prequal) were the inspiration for a DDA I made a year and a bit ago. So pretty much, thanks for being so...well, inspirational. I knew this was something special 3 years ago, and it's one of the few maps I reviewed this far back that I still maintain my original stance on. :)

it is playable!

speedrun (online too)
Demo Data

my 100th....

is my 6-way kradda
thought yu might want to check it out.

Thanks. :]

I might make another DDA sometime, just not very soon.
Losing work is some of the most demotiviting of things that can happen to a mapper, artist, musician or anyone else. But you should never give up from it. Wait for a while. Take some more time off. Hopefully eventually the desire to make another DDA will come, and you will have inspiration and find a new set of tiles you think is just right. If that desire never does come back, then I don't think you should make any more. It's not that I haven't enjoyed your maps, but if you don't enjoy making them, don't do it. It would be greedy for us to expect it.

I feel

that any words of sympathy I would say about your predicament would sound ridiculously inadequete, but bloody hell that's unlucky. Dammit, don't let it get you down - there'll be other, better DDAs for you to make, and you shouldn't let a bastard of a virus stop you from making them, if you really want to. I know I'll be looking forward to them, even if I do have to wait a whole year.
I wish you good luck.
Today marks one year since I last submitted a map - this map.
Today, I was going to submit a completed DDA.
It was a launchpad DDA with 20 rockets, based on TheKitchenSink's tileset [], except with the middle tiles removed. It was about 1750 frames long, and had marginally less gold delay than my previous launchpad DDA. I completed the DDA about 10 days ago, and was waiting until today to release it.
However, last Friday, my computer got a virus (not through carelessness, by the way), and I was forced to reformat my computer to get rid of it. I managed to recover the files on the hard drive, though, so I was able to keep what I needed.
I forgot userlevels.txt, though.
I was about to copy my whole Games folder, but then I realized that some of my .exe's there were infected, so I only chose a few save-game files to copy, and I skipped over the N folder because I had already copied the .sol file.
Now I don't have any motivation to make any DDAs, since my original plan was to just finish all the DDAs I had started (there were quite a few of those). I don't have those any more, so this could very well be my last map (I'll still be here, though). If I ever do make another map, it won't come any sooner than May 26th, 2010.


but how does it work?
it's pretty good.
im making a better tileset of wolfenstien logo.
be sure to check it out!


are you trying to say (say i put 3 piece's of gold on a mine) i put three trap door switches on the mine?


maybe im wrong.

Yes, that's me,

but I never had 200 maps. If I did, I have no idea where those maps came from.

no it was you

you had like a green snail for an avatar


psychosnail.Can i save my almost ready dda maps when I want to go to sleep or something in the evening?

You mean NED Plus?

And yes, the old forums are now read-only.
AAA! I remember you from the old forums - I wasn't around then, but I am constantly finding threads there when I google questions about N O_o did they kill that forum, or can existing members still use it? Therealn stinks =(

And N plus is awesome! I can't believe somebody else uses it besides me! Yesterday though, it started to quit responding whenever I tried to save anything! From the thread, it seems like that's because I have an error in my userlevel doccument, but I can't find one =(

N plus is awesome.


whole point was that i was testing rocket close calls
destiny got the idea
i recorded a random demo then added the rocket after, it was just a joke

and 5


dda. Great close calls and wasn't too long or too short. 4.5/5
its a mini inspired from this map
its called Superman

i made a DDA for u

its called Lose Yourself
i took ur advice and im improving

the birthday

is happy,


you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for your advice

sorry for spam

2nd []
im really intreseted in your opinion

im going to

make another dda, and want you to check it out, iused your advice and checked out clifty's little guid :) ill give you a link thanks for the advice
so.. will you check out my dda []

OHH 8 pound 2 ounce

sweet baby jesus (who has grown) how again is this dda so very good. 5

Guess what?...

I've released another 10x10. Sorry if I keep spamming your page, but i'm not sure where else to inform you of new releases.


now i've started a series of 6x6 maps. They follow the same rules as my 10x10s. First one is here No one has commented on it, i'm so unpopular! <Makes irritating sniffling sounds>

It's just come to thought, is this a 10x10 box?
I think you'll like it.
Also, is there another place where I can tell you of new 10x10 maps, cos you must be getting pretty fed up with me spamming your map page :P

ty, ty, ty

very nice dda. nice and fast.

By the way,

i've released another 10x10 map. Just telling you because I know you liked them before (have you gone off them now?) Anyway, I think you'll like it. Check it out if you want.


do you play maplestory? i asked you that cause your avatar is a monster from maplestory. if you dont play maplestory just so you know its an online game.