A Pixel Away From Disaster

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Author PsychoSnail
Tags author:psychosnail closecalls dda mines multi-enemy multienemy nonplayable rated
Created 2007-11-23
Last Modified 2007-12-25
by 25 people.
Map Data

Description My second DDA is out!
Trust me, this one is much better than my first one.
When I first started this one, I was really reluctant to use bounceblock propulsion, as it required gold, and I didn't want to use gold in any form. However, though, I got tired of using just launchpads and trapdoors, so I decided to use bounceblocks, which I later began to like quite a bit. But anyways...
This DDA is 1597 frames long, and I hope you enjoy it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Umm... a DDA...


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Very cool

I like it 5/5


i loved it


kept dyingbefore he got to the door...


nothing more to be said





saw your delisted first DDA.

but this is a crazy improvement!


I'm no DDAer

But that was pretty darn good. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I love the close calls and the super-fast acceleration. Nice work.

travis_n: has some useful tips about making ddas. Same with this:

I like it but..

could you tell me how to do the thing with the bounce blocks and i give this a 4.5/5 it was nice (would have been better with some more rockets or something to give it closer calls but still good)


im the one who made the level with the annoying thwomp, sorry about that i originally deleted it but i pasted the wrong file i changed the map and it works now

(I gave you a)



nice close calls, but to many laughpaths



avoid the launchpads, unless you can make super super close calls, where they become ok.

second DDA, nicE!

I like it

had some nice close calls