The Keep

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Author n0valyfe
Tags action author:n0valyfe cave gold playable rated rocket
Created 2008-06-02
Last Modified 2008-06-02
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Whew, thought I'd submit a map after I managed to repair my .sol file.

Simple, cave-ish, gold challenge, always being hunted... Its just the map you have been looking for.


P.S shouldn't be long before I start posting my new series

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I'm playing

Ive been checking your maps every day, you haven't added any for ages lol


You're not playing N anymore..


I liked it becouse it's easy to make closecalls.

I didn't like the 3 locked doors. You could've made something with the tileset to use only one or two doors. I don't know, maybe it's not that bad, but I think it makes the map's look worse.

Anyway, it's great map.

Here's a closecall demo:
Demo Data

Tell me one thing..

Will you use rockets in the series? :P

It's midnight, so I'm gonna check the map tommorow...


Nice simplicity.

Very much like a Metanet level, however the gold placing is a little off I think :l Well, that's just me. Quite nice, how it is though. Some gold demo. Would be a 3.5 but you can't give '.' so I give it a ....... 4
Demo Data
I read somewhere that, as a safety mechanism, the .sol would stop working if ever edited. Oh well. Good thing it didn't :D

Very much like The Hollow. Again, a great map and a 4 from me.

Oh yay, your new series is going to come out soon! Is it going to be a playpark series as suggested? Or something else? Or do I have to.. wait?

Demo on NReality.

Side note: I think NReality shares the .sol for the first five hundred levels and has its own for the rest.