I saw into its face.

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Author Etz
Tags action author:etz gausses object-use rated rockets thwumps
Created 2008-06-18
Last Modified 2008-06-18
by 7 people.
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Description For the tileset-adding contest II.

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Surprisingly similar in length to mine. After having just made mine though, I'm certain that this will come off better...excellent map, I wouldn't have guessed that the tileset was built around the objects.
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It didnt have that addicting quality though 4/5

Great job

Your use of the gauss is perfect. It was kindof annoying trying go get into the center area though, I kept on dying over and over. And dont worry, I wasnt able to get very good use of the top thwump either. 4/5

thanks for feedback

i didn't know how to integrate the top thwump..
i think some other cotestants will make good maps.
(wir haben ziemlich starke konkurrenz hier..:D)

really nice.

especially how you integrated the sniper. the style of the tileset is cool, but nothing that leaves me gasping.

(auf jedenfall tausendmal besser als meine map xD)

A good map...

But I felt it lacked creativity. Overall, it was enjoyable. Check out my maps.