54-3: We didn't start the fire

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy dronemod kk playable rated
Created 2008-07-09
Last Modified 2008-07-09
by 11 people.
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Description Just trying to do something different with rotating lasers

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you got a lot of comments in those days
Demo Data
since the worlds been turning

Quicker AGD,

this map is now one of my favourite maps.
Demo Data

Lags a bit for me,

but the concept I found very nice. Tiles fitted in well with the drones. The DroneMod itself was pretty good.
Great for speed demos. 4.5 but i'll round up plus Faved.
Demo Data

nice map

Nice Map 3/5 ..., just interested .. can u show me how to make the rotating laser go through walls??

The end is great

(the rotating laser drone)
I really like this level, much better then most usage of the rotating drones, but indeed, my almost unlaggable computer laggs;)
yet my computer lags too much.


I guess?


I can usually handle a lot. This lagged too much for mine though. NR


OVER 3000 MS/F


Nice concept. I love rotating drones.

Anywhey, I hear you don't mind advertising so please play this map



Had some trouble matching xaelar, the main problem was not going too fast.
Turns out the timing isn't perfect.


Got my time up to 113/500

How do I favourite a map by the way?


Also the timing is perfect once you get past the first drone, check my demo on nreality (STEVE100)


But too laggy
Demo Data

I can't enjoy these

Nreality hit 1685 ms/f. No rate.


didnt lag for me at all

oh and no one feature this


I made a map with the same name We Didn't Start the Fire. []. But I am perfectly fine with it though...


It is fine as is.
Well maybe there are some slow people out there. Or... make it faster..!

Sorry for posting 5 times in under 10 minutes. (I really should get on IRC) But I set the priority to the highest and it was no better. :\ Ah well. Could be this crappy comp, I'll try it on my other one tomorrow.

3 ms/f ?


But when I start this map it drops down to 03 -_-"


Try going into you control panel and setting Nreality priority to high. And then close out of all other programs including the internet, then it should not lag or at least lag less.

Nah, N is the only prog open, except IE. My System Idle Process is no lower than 90.
only 10 intended :P I didn't even know about that timer drone :P The timer is a bit slow anyways.

My computer(s) pretty much never lag, even on levels where I read the comments and everyone else complains about lag. This level lags like putting 30 rockets in. It's really unbearable. (at least for me)

Nreality mods

have never lagged a PC I've been on. From great to bad. Perhaps it's a matter of poor CPU managment?

Faving this for later.

Sorry guys,

it really doesn't lag on this computer. And this computer sucks :P

Trying something different? By lagging the sh*t out of computers. Lol. It was a really good idea but the lag REALLY let it down.


Someone feature this thing.


It was a little laggy on my computer as well, but not enough to mess me up. I like the concept. It feels very arcade-y, and although a little repetetive, is fun. I also liked the idea of using the hidden rotating laser drone as a timer. (Although it really didn't affect me) 5/5 - 4/5 for the map, + 1 for the concept. Also, favorited

AGD (Duh...)
Demo Data


Easy peasy, the one inside the wall got me the first time. This is 2nd try. Hope the demo works :D
Demo Data

I like the concept,

but the map itself is quite laggy (at least on my computer).