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Author yungerkid
Tags author:yungerkid flowy innocence race rated
Created 2008-07-18
Last Modified 2008-08-02
by 25 people.
Map Data

Description In a sense, one of the best tilesets i've used for a map so far (not counting Behemoth, da_man894 made that one). i've taken a sort of respite (in quality) for the last three maps. now, however, i'm returning to my usual quality, and i'm sticking to it.
if you play this map, please give me FEEDBACK ON THE SPECIFIC STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES of the race.


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You could honestly be one of the great mapmakers someday, up there with _destiny^- and bunniesandsheep! Keep it up!


goods and bads.

tileset was good.
flow was bad in places.
laser turrets were well placed.
the very beginning was annoying.
gold was well done.


u better not leave, this map was gr8 :)

a round shiny 5/5


u better not leave, this map was gr8 :)

a round shiny 5/5

Oh yes

And don't forget that:

"what?!atop being friendly?
what does strap on a pair mean?"

Funny funny stuff. :lol:

I think

I may start collecting all the different things you've called me atob.

I kept the mean old mallard one, that was classic atob!


"...Stop being friendly!"

That's one of the funniest comments ever.


is a funny old fish, I wouldn't worry about it :p


stop being friendly?
what does strap on a pair mean?
Strap on a pair.


i was amazed at how many people played this map. i guess good tilesets *really* do pay off. and, i'm sure you're just going through some mapper's block right now or something. heh, i think i am too, for that matter. i can't seem to make any good races right now. i've attempted four of them, but they all turned out bad. i know what you're feeling. you'll get over it eventually. stick with it.


17 rates is 4 rates more than the most rates I've ever had on a map. Well done!

Let's make it 18. Some of the best flow I've had in a while. Great tiles too. A well deserved 4.5 upped.


I just feel like I'm not as interested in races just because I don't have anything different to implement into them, and if I did, I wouldn't be able to implement it well. I guess that's just something I'll have to deal with.


change it?? what do you mean! no!! don't change it! it's good! it's your own individual flavour of map, and i like it.


"riobe has his (loops and small blocks)?"

I guess I gave myself a reputation. I'd better change that.
i'll begin making actions, although it'll be very hard.


ATOB is a genius. He's right.


Anyway, this is still a good map.


Don't get me wrong

it takes a lot of skill to make a good race, it's just not very exciting to play semi-automated maps over and over (just as I can't watch ddas anymore), ya know?

Fair, but

the three authers you mentioned have very limited archives, their maps blend in themselves far too well. You can tell their races from other archives but you can't really tell their own apart.

Also, regardless of how they look, they play pretty much identical. The only race maps that truly stand out are those made by non-exclusive race authors who've innovated the genre (and they've been able due to their much broader background).

I know we all have our styles, and we repeat ourselves within them sometimes, but race authors do to a much larger degree. It gets really stale.

but, atob,

do you not see that destiny has his own style (abstract), da_man has his own style (rocky, huge tilesets), and riobe has his (loops and small blocks)? My monstrosity series maps are all very different, not just in tileset but in types of flow employed as well. besides, i would say destiny is quite well known. he does make races that you yourself have considered good. i figure, if the genre is being sqeezed for innovative concepts, then it can be squeezed for innovation, but at least individual authors can still create distinct, well-engineered races that each have their own atmosphere and style of flow. i think that it just puts more pressure on me to create innovative races that still manage to thrill, exhiliarate, and amaze despite the fact that the paths are linear and the genre is for the most part exhausted. and more pressure is a good thing.

Fecking atob!

Way to distill everything I think and do it flipping eloquently to boot.

I just think

that races are too limited. Nothing wrong with making them every now and then, but there's really only so much you can do with such linear designs.

Action maps will give you much more of a freedom to develop, I honestly think if you want to develop a unique style you're best off working with them.

so you're saying,

atob, that i need to make action maps, instead of races?
is that it's a shallow genre. Whereas what can be defned by 'action' is pretty much limitless, what defines a 'race' is a very limited set of build rules.

Also, it's much more difficult to build a good/great action map as the stipulation for what earns those accolades is so broad, with race maps there's a small clique in the community who don't seem to care that they're all just emlulating each others styles and play and pat each other on the backs calling it progression.

Search for the highest rated races on NUMA, the look and gameplay will hardly even deviate in the slightest. Do the same for action and you'll notice what variety can be.

Once this differentiation is established, you might have some hope of creating races that actually stand out, and dare I say your dream of being the most known on NUMA might actually be possible.

Limiting yourself to races is an awful idea, all you're going to learn how to do here is appease the people you're attempting to emulate and slot right in like a tetris block, and we all know what happens to those...


if destiny says it was good, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. and if tribulation says a 3 is ok, then a 3 is ok. i'll continue making races, and thank you for all your comments.


There is nothing wrong with a rating of three. Notice how it says above average? =)

As a race:

It's an accomplishment.
The laser drones were placed in which a way where timing is essential, but didn't make the map insanely hard.
The tileset, meh. It was overdone and seemed like some parts could've used a bit toning down. I didn't like it for this, and it took away how good the gameplay was.
Objects, again, meh. The gold to me: erm. ew? Totally generic and it looked rushed and more or less like a "close your eyes and press the mouse button repeatedly in a certain area, and delete what doesn't fit" moment. Didn't like the mines either. Didn't quite fit in the theme. It's like each gruop of mines look different, like the single mine versus two in a row versus slanted etc etc.
Overall: I'd say that the map would be nothing more than a three without the lasers, but since they're there, it's a 4.

Awesome man

seriously, i really enjoyed this.

tileset = good
enemies = good
flow = innovative yet smooth - in some places a challenge to perfect. Awesome
Length = you quit while you were ahead - the right choice.

4. a 5 from me is an acheivement.
Demo Data
Blends in perfectly, appeases who it needs to, elevates delusions of grandeur...

I guess your job here is done :)

great, great!

i'm glad *someone* played the map correctly. was planning on taking a respite from races and making actions, but i'll continue with races.

Incredible flow

Lots of flow I have never seen before. Great job!

Since this is the best race in a LONG time, I'm going to give you a rare 5/5 :)

thanks, da_man!

i put some more time into that than i usually do. i thought i'd improve my maps' visuals. however, it does lack a theme...i guess that's next up for improvement.

By the way...

I really love the tileset. :)


just stop pretending you know anything.

I'll agree not to give a shit what you think if you'll reciprocate.

awful flow

hate it. 2/5


i am an extreme perfectionist. it's either a 5 or it's failure. 3 is absolutely unacceptable to me.
da_man: my first maps stunk as well. look at cornrowdeath. i started out as an average noob mapmaker. i've improved, but not as much as i would like to, and i'll certainly never rest till i'm the best-known mapmaker on numa. i promise it. nothing will stop me.

mintnut, just....

stop talking like an old wise man. It's stupid.

Ah, the good old days :?
I remember a time when ratings meant something to people, and map makers didn't think that all maps that aren't awful deserve at least a 4. This wasn't really all that good, I think a 3 is quite generous.


A good thing is that you don't connect your entire track.
(Like when approaching the 3rd laser drone.

I don't like the bottom left part.
If you don't pull it of quite perfect you will get killed by the laser drone. That can be frustrating for beginner players.
This one is really good again, 4.
And NEVER get disappointed when people don't like one map that much. That can be for a 100 reasons.
And we are all humans, at least i hope so, so somebody can hate your map and somebody else could love it.
Demo Data

dont leave!

this was really good!

the one *tiny* suggestion i would make would be to remove as many launch pads as possible in a race and maybe substitute them with a thwump in the wall or something else that will boost you...but thats just my personal opinion.

5/5 from me...