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Author Etz
Tags action author:etz drone rated rocket tac2
Created 2008-07-18
Last Modified 2008-07-18
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description For the Tileset Adding Contest 2: Round 2

AGD/completion possible.

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if you look at it

and compare it to the other maps in the strip under it, it looks very alike.
i tried to include the trap doors a little bit. But basically the objects were quite mean placed; it's been ver hard to make something useful with it

agd is mean

So here is a completion. 4/5 Nice use of teh objects.
Demo Data
it's the tileset adding competition. There were objects to begin with and he had to make tiles.

The rocket made for fun in some parts, but a lot of the time, moving around the level was awkward. It feels like the level isn't entirely finished. It has potential though.

You know that

the objects were given. I had to add the tileset.


First try completion and slow as hell. Good rocket placement
Demo Data