4 on 1 - The second try

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Author _destiny^-
Tags 4on1 action author:_destiny^- destiny metanet-ish playable rated
Created 2008-08-09
Last Modified 2008-08-09
by 6 people.
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Description Map 2 in my metanetish 4 on 1 series.

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DED to infurnus for fastest AGD on the first 4 on 1

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this is

the same as the first map....
great! i like the thing. i just think that the rocket turrets should have been inside the grid of squares. that would have made it more hectic.


what a run. Also on NReality
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very fun!

I love the simplicity, please make more!

I just cant do it. I'll try some more though.
pretty easy path...



I can only AGD easy to AGD maps.
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if you want speed, check the demo

if you want awesome agd chack nreality
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Good job

This was fun, 4aved.

Decent completion.
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Very fun


A pretty fast completion IMO.
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