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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-09-15
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Description A simple jump puzzle.

This map was featured on 2012-10-11

It's a dead place the ninja has come to tonight, heavy with promises unkept. The silence is deafening; the world seems to press down on him. All is not well here, he knows.

Behind him lies a shadowed plain that has taken years to traverse. Ahead, the branches of a sickened willow reach skyward like gasping claws, yielding up their forbidden fruit to heaven. The ninja knows he must scale these heights if he wants freedom from a desolate future. He gets closer, and senses overwhelming evil. He begins climbing anyway. — flagmyidol

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This map is special

It has no rating and no last modified date


For the contest ;)
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No problem. Glad you're mapping again.


took a while, but I beat EMG's agd.
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Not that I'm complaining.


Should be included with the actual game.
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Cool tiles.
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7 years.


I was looking through the older parts of my archive yesterday, and was getting quite nostalgic. I miss a lot of the guys who commented here.

Thanks for the feature,, flag.


so many cool map makers :(

stepself, nevermore, korbachev, jiggerjaw... MasterJmd on amlt's map as well.


Psh, map 13661

It's all about 13662!

I wouldn't have commented on this at the time as I was a noob and wouldn't have had any idea how to complete it.
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...ill have to settle for 10 frames slower...
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neat map

gives me a boner
otherwise they're just a pain in the ass lol.

... try to get faster but i fricken hate corner jumps lol...
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Countered Meta_Ing

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7 years

Holy motherfucking tits.

1.5 year old demo.
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stepself thought something was missing seven years ago. I would retrospectively suggest a tombstone or cross or grave of some sort in the bottom left. But maybe that's just because I'm in a dark mood.


I love the simplicity!
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You do know...

That that demo is just nevermore screwing off for 9368 frames, right?
Pwned. ;)
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i did it!

fastest :P
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sweet map

i really like the way the map looks, wish it was longer though. either way good work!
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fastest demo

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nicely done

i have a fast-ish demo
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yea sure


Aww man

This run was so sweet. I got under a thousand.
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Got a pretty good demo, but the end I could never do things like that too well, so I didn't beat it.
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Bad demo. Well got the beginning pretty good. First try demo anyway.
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Look at what I did in the bottom right corner. I just pushed jump two times in succession, and I managed to pull off something ridiculously cool.
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i'm curious about the jump height limit of the ninja, this level really seems unbeatable at first sight :) 4/5
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Good 4/5

I like this, its got a nice simple feel to it for a jumper map. It could also easily be done as a mine jumper aswell if someone felt like it.


I'm always promoting minimalism/simplicity (even though my maps are rarely either), so I should be the last one to complain. Still, I feel like something's missing. I just don't know what :/
My mindest here was: 'less is more', no clutter just some nice simple jumps.

Please enjoy

this funtacular demo.

This is a very nice beginner level jumper. I like that you don't require pixel perfect precision. Maybe a little gold or mines would have been nice. 4.
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