Shot Down

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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore rated test
Created 2005-09-16
Last Modified 2006-03-29
by 18 people.
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Description Puzzle-ish. I think the beginning's really fun.
This is for sweep's "Like M&R Never Imagined" competition, and it uses a very cool technique.
I'm pretty sure this is original. I really like the effect. I don't expect it to do well in the competition, but hell, competitions are fun.
By the way, to ensure you don't explode on the doors when you wall jump - make sure to wall jump before you're right under the door. If you wall jump then, you will die.

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it appears to be the second frame after you hit the launchpad where you can jump through in fbf, so its not really random..I can never get it normally though.


Part of the challenge is the fact that if you bounce normally twice, you die.
I find that I never die if I focus on walljumping _before_ I'm up against the door.

Sorry to say

But both death and sucess here are almost 100% random. You can die without even walljumping just by bouncing normally on the pad a few times (but not the first time) or by making an unlucky walljump, or you could walljump into the door ten times in a row without anything happening, or you can get it on your first try, and nothing I do seems to change which ones happen but dumb luck. Not the map for me.


If you read the description of the map thoroughly, you'll see I dedicated a little section at the bottom about how not to kill yourself on the doors. You. Read. Now.


WEll I just found out you could kill yourself on those doors too...

Nice effect...

I knew you could walljump through locked doors in frame by frame, but this is totally new as far as I know.


Starter demo, just to demonstrate how it's done. Actually doing it is up to you.
Demo Data