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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny no-jump playable race rated sidenote
Created 2008-09-22
Last Modified 2008-09-22
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description My first ever NO JUMP RACE.

Finally achieved that empty feel i so love. Enjoy.

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Very enjoyable.

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I'd forgotten

how much I loved this. I'm back!

I ,<3 this

Sidenote FTW!


i thought so too

:D - especially the top ones


I haven't done anything besides normal races. I guess I'll make a KRA after this?

Anyways, what you did with the mines was bananas.


I haven't been able to get past here because of the chaingun. . .really good otherwise, I had no trouble at all finding out where to go, all you need now is a no-jump puzzle race
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I love this

I usually hate no-jump races, but this was amazing. faved

too slow?

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i liked the gold. a lot. i know it's your normal gold style, but i never thought it could be transitioned into a no-jump race.

5 cuz i've never managed a viable no-jump map.
so i cant see what's wrong :/


I get the same as rule 95% of the time, which sucks, I also died a couple of other points inexplicably. God I hate chainguns!
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Once you take the double tramp up, and then to the left again setting of some trap doors, the chain gun drone keeps killing me. Can you please explain?


again, again, again!!!!!!!!! YOO ARE AWESOME!!!!!
more no-jump pleez?

thats fun

could you tell me what i must do to make it a 5

Not bad.

Not bad at all, especially for a first no-jump. Object placement was also very good. 4/5
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t'is fun



have fun everyone!
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