My Old School #2

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny fast-paced flowy playable race rated
Created 2008-08-19
Last Modified 2008-08-19
by 15 people.
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Description i like it more than my last... although i personally prefere making maps my usual style

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try. Nice race.
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first try

i did actually like this one a lot, you used the traps really well, instead of cutting off a place to form a new loop like how they are often used, you used them kinda to reinvent the area in some places, which was cool.
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Better AGD than my last one.
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4/5 - I liked the flow.
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4/5aved. I'm amazed at how long this manages to go on.


Not your best by a longshot. Decent, though.


i like it. it's too hard for me in some places (d'oh!), but i like the old-style flow. i liked the misleading parts, they're always wonderful.

loved it also

especially the part in the top right where that gold slowly is eaten away



I should submit my map tomorrow, I can see this getting alot of attention. :]

loved it

all of it. 5aved. I liked the ending alot too :D
but it look really good. in some places it looks like it might be a little misleading, but i wont know til i try it, right?

im faving it so i can try it later when i have time. ill rate when i try to.


for your enjoyment
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