A Perilous Path of Paramount Peril

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- collab destiny playable race rated yungerkid
Created 2008-08-09
Last Modified 2008-08-09
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Collaberation between Destiny and Yungerkid.

Tread lightly.

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silly demo. got far but died by missle
Demo Data

I like it!

I want to create race maps like you. Any tips?

holy cow.

calamity is back.

wow, this sucks.

haha, just kiddin.
whats up man? jeez its been 4ever. i think i might pick up the map making again. i probly wont submit as often as i did b4 though. good to see ur still makin excellent races.
5aved. The mine placement is brilliant. So is the use of trap doors and one way platforms. Tileset was very good. And the using of enemies was also wonderful. For me this is the best race ever.

And if the Crazy Miner can get a 4. Then this one can get a 5.

There is only one thing.

Coming down on the bounce blocks moving to the left.
The wall jump there sucks big time.

But that is only one bad thing.


it's got a 5...i wonder how long that'll last. i'm glad!

you mean

how the map is almost always lateral motion? how the ninja is pretty much always moving left to right, and there's not a lot of vertical stuff? i noticed that...
so we made a long race.

And i know what you mean about the back and forth thing :/


Very nice
but every time i played it, it felt like a burden. the flow was very 'back and forth' in some places.

overall it was good and fun. i gave it a 4. :)


a submission. didn't expect it for some reason lol. y'all have fun!


Ugh, I hate the chaingun. And the flow had some bugs in it, but other than that, it was good.

A Demo

Of great peril
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