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Author exuberance
Tags action author:exuberance playable unrated
Created 2008-10-03
Last Modified 2008-10-03
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Map Data

Description None of the components of this map are really that hard, but when you put them all together, it can be quite tricky. The first part
might be cheatable, but I'm pretty sure it's only possible to get up to the main level without opening the locked door, not to the exit. If you CAN get up there from the start, you have ├╝ber1337 jumping skills.

The map name is sigma because I was originally going to say the difficulty of a map is greater than the sum of the difficulty of
the components (sigma being the mathematical notation for the sum of a finite or infinite series) but then I realized that's not usually true. The difficulty of a map is greater than it's HARDEST component though!

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i like this one;

it presents just the right amount of difficulty. i liked the gold placement. 4/5 :/

Yah :P

Anyway this is one of the coolest puzzles I have ever played. The jumps are great and really fun to work with. 5/5aved. You will get an agd from me sometime tonight or tomorrow. Great map.
Demo Data! Curses, foiled again. Man, it's so easy to exploit N maps.


Now to play for real.
Demo Data