Seaport in the Sea of Clouds

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt discovery gtmspecial mines rated rockets
Created 2008-10-05
Last Modified 2008-12-02
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description I freaking love how this looks, but meh, you guys judge. The first in the Discovery Series.

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Thanks :P

Theyre meant to.
... rope 4/5


agree with below. 5

oh and you just mentioned (clear window). I didn't though, that was only for informational purposes. :/ hah/


Really great map, flawless imo!
I don't think you copied NaN_d etc.., his style is more crude, yours is pretty good cooked.


those rockets are devious. this is a really good map, one of your best i would say. although i dont really dig the look^^. i like how this has kind of a 'slippery' feel to it. it's fun to find fast routes. 5.
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Got it

2 frames fastest
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Speed run by 1 frame lol
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fastest speedrun :)
Demo Data

Fastest agd

Just dont look at nReality :p

agd - 607 / 156.825
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wanna do a clab G-ham? if you do then pm me on the forums with tile data.
seriously. 5/5aved


this is too awesome.


what i like about the map is the curves of the mines and gold pieces creates a good atmosphere for the map


AGD faster...
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Speed run

How is this and i think i can go faster...
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Btw, GHM, I got a demo on the first part of my map.
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Nice finish :P

Speed run

first try at speed run
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I hate myself...

Even if its based of Nan__d_Chaser, its not a copy. Technically, there are hundreds of imitators. Blackson copies others styles. You copied Blackson's style yourself RF.
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Not first try

First try i slipped into the exit but this is AGD and watch the rocket when i get the last gold arc.
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plays quite different actually those rockets really keep you on your feet, but at some points, 3 at a time is quite a handful. 4 it'd be a 5 if you used a little more control with the rockets to keep them from piling up on you i quite liked it.
Seriously, if it looks like his then thats a coincidence and nothing else.


First Try

I slipped into the exit instead of jumping... I hate circles...
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Never thought about him whilst making this, see the distinct differences?

Reminds me of

him []